Warwick’s Favourite of the Month

Warwick’s Favourite of the Month

Hey there,

Today, we’re talking about Warwick’s “Favourite of the Month”. And let me tell you, they are fabulous!

First up, we have Velluto Velvet. This fabric is absolutely luxurious, with its soft touch and opulent feel. It can be used for creating stunning Curtains that exude elegance and sophistication. You can also use Velluto Velvet for upholstery to add a touch of class to any piece of furniture.

Moving on, we have Felix, a velvet-like texture with a subtle pattern. This funky yet sophisticated fabric is incredibly durable and versatile, making it perfect for curtains in your media room. You can use Felix to create a statement piece of furniture that will add personality to any room in your home.


By Alex Campos