Motorised Curtains Sunshine Coast

Motorised Curtains Sunshine Coast

Get Locally Made Motorised Curtains on the Sunshine Coast

The Nude Window is a family-owned business that manufactures motorised curtains on the Sunshine Coast. We pride ourselves in obtaining quality materials and componentry from Australia’s leading suppliers. We strive to provide our clients with the broadest range of trending curtains, blind styles, and fabrics. We source our materials directly from the manufacturer, which means you will not pay additional fees for the middleman markups. For this reason, we can keep our prices competitive without lowering the product quality.

Our team, headed by Alex and Dave, are experienced and highly trained tradespeople. Alex learnt her art in Chile. She is a qualified interior design consultant and is highly sought after by designers and window furnishing professionals on the Sunshine Coast. Dave helps Alex install her projects. The duo make a perfect team to ensure you always choose motorised curtains correctly.

Motorised Curtains Sunshine Coast

About Our Motorised Curtains on the Sunshine Coast

Motorised curtains offer flexibility and convenience for you and your Sunshine Coast home. Our experienced team offer cutting-edge technology and exceptional design. You can choose from our external and internal motorised shade solutions for an effortless experience. Our smart home integration and automation include motors, controllers, and sensors. We can help you automate your curtains, allowing you to control them with a touch of a button. You can eliminate the need for cords, chains, and wands and get the ultimate solution for modern living. Motorised curtains are convenient since you will not use your hands to pull them aside.

Installing motorised curtains require skills and expertise. Fortunately, Dave is an expert in this field and will help you install your curtains. We call ourselves ‘The Nude Window’ because our business dresses unclothed windows with soft window furnishing. We guarantee a seamless experience, from the initial contact to when we install your curtains.

Motorised Curtains Sunshine Coast

Benefits of Motorised Curtains on the Sunshine Coast

Choosing our motorised curtains on the Sunshine Coast allows you to maximise your product and gain the desired flexibility you cannot achieve with a manual system. Here are a few benefits of installing motorised curtains.

  • Convenience
    You can move your curtains to whatever position you want with a button. You can also add sensors and timers to ensure your curtains work even when you are not home.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Motorised curtains allow you to control the amount of heat and light entering your home. You can keep your house cool in summer and allow sunlight to enter your home in winter.

  • Longer Lifespan
    Manual operation can damage curtains due to improper handling. Automating your curtains ensures maximum functionality and a longer lifespan.

  • Safety
    Loose cords are a danger to children. Eliminating cords and chains give you peace of mind since you have a safe environment for children.

Let us help you choose the perfect motorised curtains for your home on the Sunshine Coast. We are experienced, qualified, and licensed.