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How to select the perfect window covering

I have been in the window furnishing industry for more than 15 years and, I am still surprised by the choices my customers make for their windows. There are 3 points that I would recommend to consider before beginning to look at colours or textures, and I get it… looks are critical to creating that dreamy atmosphere that looks great in the latest Decoration Magazine; however, I would invite you to take one step back in order to make the best decision for your home and your investments.


I would say this is the number one priority, especially if your window is facing the main road or directly to your noisy neighbours. If you are looking for the best privacy, you should go for a Lining and a Sheer Curtain in separate tracks, this will allow for protection of your privacy during the daytime whilst still maintaining that natural light. When it comes to night-time you can just close that lining and boil la! Nothing exposed to the outside.

2.-Temperature Control

This can be necessary for places like here in QLD where you would need the most efficient covering for your window due to the hot weather. In addition, if the sun hits directly to your window, it could be that you need to solve the problem from the outside. Check out this link for more information: Direct sunlight can be damaging to your wooden floors and even your furniture. This means that 100% block out fabric would be ideal for this situation. You have more options like Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds or Curtains to do the trick, just make sure they are UV protected fabric.

3.-The Looks

If you are not worrying about the issues listed above, you are ready to select the best look for your room. Let’s get creative here, you are now safe to go for any type of look you want! Follow my next blog “Looks and design” Good luck! And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.