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How to select the perfect window covering

I have been in the window furnishing industry for more than 15 years and, I am still surprised by the choices my customers make for their windows. There are 3 points that I would recommend to consider before beginning to … Read more

Block out Curtains

Block outs are a different type of curtain, they are strong and heavy and will keep you room cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, creating a “finished room” look.Block out fabrics consist of a standard uncoated fabric … Read more

Type of Curtain Fabrics

Sheer Curtains The greatest feature of a sheer curtain is the “luxury” look. A sheer will create a warm and delicate ambience adding character to your unique taste. Sheer Curtains are fantastic to control light and glare, they allow most … Read more

Curtains and Architects

I have been manufacturing curtains for the last 20 years. Working in different workrooms and even different countries. I have to say, one of the most common expressions in a curtain work room is “OMG! These architects”. And it is … Read more